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Algobit is the most simple online trading system especially designed for beginners. Algobit system allows the users who have no knowledge of on-line trading to make profitable trades simply by using free algorithmic trading signals directly on the trading platform.

Algobit was recognized as revolutionary product in financial trading services and was awarded the best product in 2012 Financial Innovation Awards (FIA) and was also voted for Best Innovative Technology for 2012. In 2013 the system was integrated into a secure on-line trading platform and was made available for internet users all over the world completely free. Ever since it has become one of the leading financial instruments for beginner traders as one of the best products in binary options trading industry.


Official video presentation of Algobit trading platform:

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See the example of trading session results
made in 30 minutes of trading with Algobit

31 Trades were made, each with investment of $100.
19 Winning trades brought a total of $1444 profit
8 Losing trades were made with  $800 loss
4 Trades were made as a tie (initial investment returned)

Total profit in this session was $644.


Algobit has received many positive reviews from its first time users as well as expert traders who confirmed that they were able to improve their trading profit up to 22% by switching to algobit trading system. Here are just a few comments from algobit users ...

David Sky 
“I just finished my first month trading with Algobit - have to tell you that when I first heard about Algobit, I was sure it is going to be yet another one of those signal systems that don’t really work. But I was wrong. Algobit lets me follow my favorite assets but at the same time alerts me of trends forming elsewhere! Thanks to Algobit my profits increased by more than 60% per month - my average weekly income is close to $2000! This really is the amazing software that helps me maximize my Binary Options trading potential.” 

Donna Mathews 
“I really have no words to express how helpful Algobit turned out being! My Binary Options trading experience changed all entirely - I can now be sure that I do not miss one trend on the market and moreover - that I will enter at the needed time! As you know - timing is the most important feature to trading. Since I started using Algobit, my profits rose significantly and now I am making an average of $3000 a month when previously I was looking at barely $1000… This is an amazing improvement! Thank you so much!” 

Laura Santoro 
“After a long period of binary options trading, I was amazed to see how accurately Algobit works and which profound difference it made to my trading. Trading is now relaxing and easy, my profits are much higher and I enjoy the process while my family gets to enjoy the payouts!” 

George Tate 
“Trading was always profitable, but the profits I made before I started trading with Algobit were not at all great as eventually I kept on losing… Since I started trading with Algobit - My profits range from €512 to €2000 a month and I couldn’t be happier! Treading with Algobit is simple, not stressful at all and mainly- profitable.”

Melissa Brown 
“I’ve traded for a very long time, but I can’t compare any trading experience I had with the current experience trading with Algobit. I am no longer wasting hours to find the perfect trade, all I need to do now is follow the signals provided by this amazing system and my balance just grows and grows.” 


As the video demonstrates, trading with algobit is extremely simple and you can profit simply by following the signals and entering the trades suggested by the signals.

In addition if you learn to predict the basic stock market charts movements, you will be able to make even more profit in shorter amount of time. For beginner traders it is recommended to take a look at the simple trading systems which explain exactly when to make the suggested trades, to be able to make the most of the algobit trading system.

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