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Trading Strategies

Binary Options Trading Strategies

Binary Options Trading Strategies - The Basics

Up until now binary options traders had three basic trading strategies available. They made their trades based on:

1. Fundamental Analysis
2. Technical Analysis
3. Trading Signals

Technical Analysis - Profitable Manual Trading Strategy

A lot of experienced traders rely upon technical chart analysis and some of them are making very good profits. New traders like to start with technical analysis and there are quite a few good manual trading systems that are easy to understand for beginners.

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This is the most simple and profitable trading strategy for binary options trading. It allows easy online profiting even for complete beginners!

Trading Signals - Algobit Trading Strategy

While algobit system offered signals as an aid for trading, the new Real Binary Options Robot is a Fully Automated System.

A lot of beginner traders also like to use the signals. Some signal services are quite good and will enable you to make profit but they all charge monthly fees from $99 - $250. And they only send 2-3 signals per day, so you can make only a few trades daily.
Algobit made a revolutionary change to this and has integrated a FREE signal service directly into the trading platform, which provides you with constant signals all day long. This was one of the best offers you could get at that time.

Now we have another: The REAL Binary Options Robot

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